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Have the best care for your pet without even leaving home!

Sure you see your pets as a true extension of your family, right? So, count on our team to guarantee the best care, all the love & the safety they deserve.

Customized service



Maximum safety

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Your love, our care.
Discover the best service for your pet’s needs!

Bath Service

Price Range
  • Small $80.00
  • Medium $90.00
  • Large $120.00
  • Extra-large $150.00

Bath & Haircut

Price Range
  • Small $110.00
  • Medium $120.00
  • Large $170.00
  • Extra-large $190.00

VIP Services

Price Range
  • Small $120.00
  • Medium $140.00
  • Large $190.00
  • Extra-large $210.00

How it works

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Click the button to schedule
the best day, hour and location


Specify some details and
particularities of your little puppy


After that our groomer will head to your location and provide the best services for your pet!

We make it easy for you!

By providing flexible mobile services, we bring the care to you, without stressful journeys and with the security you need. Our trained professionals guarantee high quality, from bathing to ear cleaning.

If you’re looking for the best for your beautiful pet, at Dogs and Dogs you’ll find absolute attention and responsibility towards your pet, from the first contact to bathing and regular care.

Dogs and Dogs Mobile Grooming

We began our journey three years ago in order to make life simpler for dog owners. Specializing in Mobile Pet Grooming Services, our vans go wherever you choose, providing a homely and stress-free environment for your pet.

Every member of our team is passionate about making your pet feel safe and comfortable, because we believe that a groomed dog is a happy dog and we’re here to make it so for your loyal buddy.